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Valors Castellers
human tower values


Human Towers are UNESCO's intangible heritage, they promote the Catalan culture, traditions and a set of really important ethical values.


The activity is based on trust, tolerance and teamwork, being those 3 values essential to properly build a human tower.



Overcoming both personal and team challenges is something that is being worked on with every castle built, where every single person has room for personal



Human Towers are not plain strength, but rather a combination of that with lots of technique. This technique teaches us to be detail-oriented and to improve everything we do practice after practice.

Serveis Empreses
Corporate activities

The human tower activity is perfect for teams of all kinds and sizes as it focuses on team building, working together and trusting each other as the main tools that help achieve a common objective as well as to overcome any challenge that might appear on the way.

As in a regular company, every person in a castle has a role and specific tasks that are crucial for the success of the construction and for everything to work in sync as one single entity.

Our workshops can be theoretical or combine theory and practice. They allow the teams to work on the above-described aspects of teamwork, collaboration, tolerance, confidence, commitment, and self-esteem for the people, the team and the company itself.

Taller 2
Serveis escoles
Taller 1
school activities

When it comes to schools and educational organizations, both types of workshops (theoretical and practical) focus on the same values of teamwork. However, we put extra effort in communicating how important it is to overcome challenges, not give up and to create a great environment.


Human Tower workshops tend to cohesion the group and create a trustworthy & tolerant environment, integrating and empowering those people who, under normal circumstances might be at risk of being left out.

Furthermore, it's the perfect moment to discover the human tower world as a way to do physical, mental and social activity. 

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